Streamlining Healthcare Staffing

Where it began

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed critical flaws in global systems, particularly in the healthcare industry's recruitment process and human resource governance. These shortcomings have had a devastating impact on patients and the industry, resulting in a loss of human resources and precious lives.

According to the American Hospital Association, the nation will experience a shortage of 1.8 million nurses by the end of 2022. The ongoing "Great Resignation" affects not only nurses but also paramedics and personnel in medical labs, further exacerbating the shortage.

At Ondek, we are committed to solving these workforce challenges. Our co-founders, Brandon and Tanya, recognized the urgency of the situation and have developed innovative systems that bring maximum efficiency to the current healthcare staffing landscape.

Our mission is to create a community where financial and human resource capital is utilized at the most efficient levels, benefitting all members of the Ondek community. This led to the birth of Ondek Healthcare, which is dedicated to providing the highest benchmark of supplemental healthcare staffing.

We believe in going beyond traditional vetting processes to ensure that every engagement at Ondek is of the highest quality, resulting in better patient care and more fulfilling careers for healthcare professionals.

Proven Team

Ondek has a team with an exceptional track record, and they are experts in the healthcare staffing sector.

Lean Operations

We operate and manage a lean operation to provide above-average returns and maximize growth and increase the valuation to scale bigger.


Unlike Wallstreet, Ondek is committed to transparency and access to all financials and management teams for Investors

Investors First

Without our potential Investors, Ondek would not be able to achieve its true purpose for growth. Our mission is to put the investors first to continue building meaningful relationships.

Meet Our Team

Revant Gupta

Head of Growth and Marketing Board Member

Tara Manly

M.D. Board Member/ Ambassador

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