Unlocking Efficiency: The Ondek Advantage

Our approach to doing everything with a new organization’s energy and entrepreneurial spirit on its first day. Ondek is committed passionately to delivering the highest benchmark of supplemental healthcare staffing. Not just through vetting but also through engagement.


Partnerships: Chamber of Commerce, Historically Underutilized Business ) and GSA

$2.2 Million

In Revenues in 2022


Strong force of W2 - Clinicians in our Pipeline.

77,371+ Hours

Billed to our Partnered Facilities.

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Streamlining Healthcare Staffing

Where it began

Covid-19 exposed the flaws in the global systems to the scale that was not seen before. Healthcare industry was on the frontline which had inefficient recruitment process and human resource management. This flaw impacted the patients and the industry monetarily, reduction in human resources and loss of precious lives. The American Hospital Association predicted that by the end of the year 2022, there would be 1.1 million fewer nurses than there are currently in the country in a letter it addressed to the House Energy and Commerce Committee in March 2022. And it is not only nurses who are in short supply; paramedics and personnel in medical labs are also in demand
Looking at the problem a Husband-and-wife duo, Brandon and Tanya took matter into their own hands in 2019 and decided to solve the problems for the industry once for all by developing systems that go beyond just one company and brings in maximum efficiency into the current systems while making sure the financial and human resource capital is being utilized to the most efficient levels for the benefit of the society. This led to the birth of Ondek Healthcare. Ondek is committed to delivering the highest benchmark of supplemental healthcare staffing. Not just through vetting but through every level of engagement

Keys to success

Proven Team

Ondek has a team with an exceptional track record, and they are experts in the healthcare staffing sector.

Lean Operations

We operate and manage a lean operation to provide above-average returns and maximize growth and increase the valuation to scale bigger.


Unlike Wallstreet, Ondek is committed to transparency and access to all financials and management teams for Investors

Investors First

Without our potential Investors, Ondek would not be able to achieve its true purpose for growth. Our mission is to put the investors first to continue building meaningful relationships.

Incorporating Tech

We are currently touching the healthcare tech space in which we are assembling a tech component; Shift Alerts is ready and set to launch and do a beta test this October on IOS and Android.

Current Ventures

Expanding from east to west

Healthcare Staffing

Years Active:
3 Years (August 2020)

Beta Launch (Fundraising)

Clinician Management Software

Start of Development:


International Clinician Recruitment

Start of Services:
August 2023 (expected)

Funding Round




Common shares, Preferred shares

Round Size

$2 000 000


Business Angel, Crowd, Public grant, VC Fund, Corporate, Accelerator / Incubator

Key Milestones

Acquiring 50+ International Clinicians, Launch of Shift Alerts, Start of Ondek Operation in 3 new states

Use of Funds

Why Invest

Market Opportunity

The global healthcare staffing market was estimated at US$33.8 Billion in 2020 and is projected to reach close to US$47.8 Billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 6%. The demand for skilled nurses and medical staff will continue to grow due to an aging clinician labor force and aging U.S population.

Competitive Advantages

We are committed to staffing the best professionals and have already filled more than 4000+ shifts. We focus on accountability, reliability, effciency, effectiveness, and a culture of care, making sure customers feel supported and cared for.

Ondek is backed by deeply family rooted experiences in the healthcare industry

Ondek is backed by Industry experience. Our team knows what healthcare organizations and workers need to succeed, and we’ve used our specialized knowledge from working in healthcare to create a tailored solution.


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Market Size

Key Industry trends:

General FAQs

The co-founders of Ondek consist of a husband-and-wife team. The husband contributes entrepreneurial experience, while the wife brings over 15 years of expertise as a Registered Nurse.
Our main competitors consist of large conglomerates that exploit both healthcare facilities and clinicians simultaneously.
The primary focus of our business model is clinician welfare. We hire clinicians as W-2 employees and offer pay rates above industry standards, ensuring the best clinical experience for patients in all our client facilities.
As a GSA certified company, we can bid for various Government Contracts. Additionally, we have established connections with facilities to facilitate smooth onboarding in operations. To attract clinicians, we run marketing campaigns on social and digital media platforms.
Ondek Healthcare makes money through staffing services, however, will be expanding its revenue streams further successfully launching ventures into the market.
Ondek has successfully breached the $ 2 million revenue in 2022 and is aiming for a consistent growth of over 15% in 2023. Ondek is profitable from 2020.
The company has received profitability in 2020 and achieved its $ 1Million revenue goal in 2022. The company achieved its target of employing 1,000+ clinicians in 2022.
We track success through financial metrics, client satisfaction, clinician retention, and growth are shift requests.
We are partnered with GSA, which enables us to provide our services to federal Healthcare facilities.
Ondek aims to become end to end staffing solution provider covering all healthcare staff (local and International), staff scheduling, Staff management, administration, and payroll management.
Ondek plans to expand to Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.
We ensure customer satisfaction and retention through regular feedback, personalized service, timely communication, and addressing client needs promptly.
Yes, over 90% of our clients are long-term however not bound by contracts (Industry Standard) other than the federal Contracts.
Ondek is Actively incorporating tech into its operations i.e., Shift alerts.
We approach talent acquisition by leveraging various recruitment channels, networking, and focusing on a candidate's skills and cultural fit. For retention, we offer growth opportunities, recognition, and a positive work environment.

Specific FAQs

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Ondek Healthcare


Uniting healthcare professionals as individuals, shaping a world of exceptional care.


Empowering healthcare providers, revolutionizing patient care through innovation and operational excellence.
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Ondek Healthcare LLC was a small start to the big dream of Ondek Inc. Our humble beginnings started in the registration of business in November 2019 and a very successful launch in August of 2022. Ondek Healthcare was established with a vision to create a better workforce. Our team was fuelled by gallons of Starbucks coffee, working tirelessly through the early days and late nights. Today, we’ve added hundreds of staff and continue to grow steadily. Our approach is to infuse everything we do with the energy and entrepreneurial spirit of a new organization, starting from day one.
At Ondek, we are passionately committed to providing the highest benchmark of supplemental healthcare staffing. Our commitment goes beyond just vetting; we strive to ensure the highest level of quality in every engagement. We invite you to join us on our journey towards creating a better workforce and delivering exceptional healthcare staffing services.
We offered out clients:

Ondek Milestone:

How Ondek started:

Nov, 2019
Formation of Ondek Healthcare
Nov, 2019
Aug, 2020
Start of Operations
Aug, 2020
Dec, 2020
First Profitable
Dec, 2020
Nov, 2021
Exponential Growth of 180,2% YoY
1,735 Shifts Completed
Nov, 2021
Exponential Growth of 173,3% YoY
3,778 Shifts Completed
Start of Development of Shift Alerts in 2nd quarter
Start of Development of Medcruid in 3nd quarter
Apr, 2023
1,136 Shifts Completed
Development of Minimum Value Product completed
MOU & Agreements signed for Medcruit
Apr, 2023

Total Hour Billed

Ondek Revenues

We have successfully helped our clients with:

Reduce overtime up to:


Cut scheduling time by:


Improve efficiency rates of nurse-patient care ratio assignments by:


We have successfully helped our clients with:

Available On Call 24/7

Available On Call 24/7

Top Medical Talent

Fill Open Shifts in 24 Hours

Short Notice Placement

Ondek Healthcare LLC has been a successful company which has experienced tremendous growth both in scale and reputation. We have offered our clinicians with best benefits such as payment options like next day pay and helped our clients to achieve their operational and financial goals.
We at Ondek believe that “The best success is shared one”, hence we are looking to raise funds to expand our operations to other regions of the USA, expand our presence in existing states and expand our talent pool by hiring young, enthusiastic, and dedicated clinicians to pay their part effectively in improving the overall health of all Americans and all people living in America.
Ondek works in process:
  1. Getting GSA certification. This will allow us to offer services to Federal Healthcare facilities.
  2. Getting GSA certification. This will allow us to offer services to Federal Healthcare facilities.
  3. Getting GSA certification. This will allow us to offer services to Federal Healthcare facilities.
Ondek warmly welcomes you to join us on an exciting adventure towards financial success. This remarkable journey promises both enticing profits and a positive impact on the community. Come, seize this opportunity to be part of Ondek’s ambitious endeavor. As the sun illuminates our shared path, let your aspirations take flight. Within the realm of Ondek, extraordinary possibilities await those who dare to dream.

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Shift Alerts


Beta Launch


Clinician Management

Start of Development:

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Introducing Shift Alerts, a novel addition to our existing range of services. Shift Alerts serves as a centralized staffing platform (available on web and mobile for Android and iOS) designed specifically for staffing agencies, our esteemed customers, and physicians. This platform digitizes and streamlines the entire healthcare staffing workflow, ensuring a seamless experience. With all staffing activities consolidated within a single system, unnecessary back-and-forth is eliminated, enabling users to access all desired information. This fosters transparency and empowers users with greater control. Healthcare professionals can effortlessly secure both short- and long-term assignments through this platform, while agencies benefit from the ability to manage the shifts effectively and efficiently, clinicians and their CRM.


Shiftalerts was an idea in works since 2021, when Ondek saw a influx of new clients and clinicians. It was found out ery ealry on that no off the shelf software exists that has build in features for the facilities, Staffing agencies and Clinicians.
Development work on the shift alert was started in 2022 with MVP ready to go in March of 2023. Some important features of shiftalerts are as follows:

For Clinicians

Clinicians are the focus of the Shiftalerts. Our platform allows the clinicians to seamlessly manage their shifts, communicate with the facility, log timesheets, and get paid. Shiftalerts plans to add various financial tools for the clinicians in future.



Clinicians will also be allowed to find and schedule the available shifts with the zone they operate in.



For Facility

Shiftalerts offer facilities with the seam less tool cutting the human interaction while booking the shifts. The facilities will be able to open any shifts on the calendar for which the local clinicians will be able to apply/accept.


An intuitive dashboard to allow the facilities to easily manage the shifts, timesheets, and clinicians.




Feedback and Ratings

Clinician Management


Facility Management




The demand for qualified nurses, particularly those with a BSN, will far exceed the need for other healthcare professionals in the next decade. By 2030, the US is projected to face a shortage of 28.4% in registered nurses, with California and Texas alone expecting a shortage of over 60,000 nurses in the next seven years. Ondek’s innovative solution, ‘Medcruit,’ aims to address this pressing issue.
‘Medcruit’ has started its operation as an internal use only product/project where Ondek Healthcare will use the process to bring in international healthcare professionals into the USA to cater to its needs only. Clinicians brough in through will contribute to the growth and successful expansion of Ondek Healthcare. Medcruit strives to consistently create a positive impact by:

Business Snapshot:


Registered Nurses from approved countries will be employed by the Ondek healthcare, since registered nurses have proven to bring in the best profit margins for healthcare staffing agencies, this will significantly increase the revenues and margins for Ondek healthcare.
Medcruit anticipates that each clinician will incur approximately $25,000 in fixed costs. These costs cover various expenses such as Visa Processing fees, Air fares, Other Reimbursable Expenses, Post Arrival Training, Accommodation, and Travel allowance.
Ondek Expects to Bring 25 clinicians in First Phase:
The recovery of fixed costs is anticipated within 4-5 months after the arrival of clinicians into the USA.

Medcruit Advocacy

As a result of intergovernmental issues and accreditation requirements for registered nurses to work in the USA, the process of a clinician arriving in the country is estimated to take up to 18 months. The timeline for each clinician is showed as follows:
(*) However, the timeline for the first two batches is expected to be 8 to 12 months as the Medcruit has identified approved clinicians ready to be brought into USA. Ondek will sign a 1–3-year contract with international clinicians to work with Ondek hence enabling Ondek to generate reasonable returns on fixed costs incurred per clinicians.